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Happy V offers a wide range of natural, clinically proven products, for the treatment of chronic BV and UTI's. Take the first step on your journey to vaginal wellness, so you can regain control of your body and your life.

We're raising the standards for women's wellness products

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Welcome to the world of Happy V

Welcome to the world of Happy V

...where you have everything you need to get up in the morning smiling and ready to conquer the day.

Work, gym, kids, house chores - we know you have a lot on your plate, but worrying about your health should not be one of those things.

And that’s why Happy V exists, so you can...
Stay Healthy. Stay Happy.

What our Happy Gals think

These products have been life-changing! After the third day, I noticed a difference!
My favorite probiotic and prebiotic! It’s clinically proven to maintain the proper vaginal flora which has helped in preventing my UTIs.
Great product. You need to try this, it really helps what it claims to do - eliminate BV!
Started feeling a uti coming and I got these, it cleared up so fast. Amazing Product!
So happy I found these during perimenopause so it won’t be even close to what so many of my friends have said menopause can be.
Just when I was about to give up on probiotics, I tried Happy V’s and it’s been amazing for my vaginal health. I literally recommend it to everyone I know.
I’m very particular in the products that I use and Happy V is up there in products every woman should have in her routine!
Blown away that this product took aways my horrible period cramps. Guys you need this in your life!
I used to struggle with frequent UTI’s and I haven’t had one since! If you like to avoid antibiotics and try a more well-rounded approach, this is the product for you! ;)
I used to get frequent UTIs and haven’t had one since taking Happy V! Yay to no more antibiotics. Try this out, thank me later ;)
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You’re not alone, you never were.

Hi I’m Daniella, the co-founder of Happy V. I struggled with vaginal health issues for years. After visiting many different gynecologists and trying every product out in the market, I made it a mission alongside a team of experts, to find a better solution for all women.

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Daniella co-founder of Happy V
Our Facility

Our Facility

We manufacture the product ourselves to ensure the highest quality production and supply-chain, cutting the middleman along the way.

We keep costs low in order to design better products that fit your lifestyle and needs.

The goal? To deliver better value and superior products to our customers.

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