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Menopause Relief

Supports mood, energy and weight. Minimizes hot flashes and night sweats.

Formulated with the most effective, natural and patented ingredients — Our doctor-formulated, 100% natural, and drug-free Menopause Relief formula works to balance hormones and minimize the occurrence of Menopause-related symptoms.

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  • Helps with symptoms caused by Menopause
  • 10 Billion Active CFU
  • Drug-free & made in the USA
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  • Clinically Proven
  • Delayed-Release Capsules
  • Vegan-Friendly & Non GMO
  • Major Allergen Free
  • No Artificial Stuff

Here's how it works

Our Happy V® Menopause Relief formula was created to supports mood, energy and weight regulation. It also aids in minimizing hot flashes, night sweats and hair thinning.

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    We start by focusing on estrogen metabolism

    Happy V's Menopause Relief utilizes three key ingredients to help estrogen production and metabolism - DIM, Black Cohosh and our patented Norway Spruce. This is the first step in getting your body back into harmony.

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    Then we can start balancing hormones

    With your hormones settling back into balance, we now have our critical foundation set to start focusing on the side effects of low estrogen like weight-gain, hot flashes, and mood swings so that you can get back to enjoying life.

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    Let's feel better!

    With the underlying issues addressed, we can now introduce nutrients that help you flourish. We use Saw Palmetto and Hyaluronic Acid for hair health, Sensoril Ashwaganha for stress relief and Probiotics to combat vaginal atrophy - a true multi-botanical blend to get you feeling your best.

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    Why it's important to keep going

    Hormones and estrogen levels can change at any time and range in severity. By staying consistent, our formula will help you stay in harmony without having to worry about the symptoms of Menopause.

Ingredients with proven results

Our quality first approach contains clinically proven ingredients at their effective dosages designed to target the root cause

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  • Benefits for hot flashes


    Norway Spruce

    Women taking Norway Spruce experienced a 44% decrease in the average number of hot flashes per week

  • Benefits for stress



    Taking Sensoril improves everyday stress 62% more when compared to the placebo in healthy adult

  • Benefits for night sweats


    Black Cohosh Extract

    Women consuming Black Cohosh experienced a reduction in hot flashes from Baseline to 39.1%

Our Subscription makes consistency easy

Our Subscription makes consistency easy

The Happy V Subscription is all about getting you exactly the products you need, when you need them, without the hassle of having to remember to re-order. When it comes to vaginal and overall health, consistency is key!

Here’s how it works in three easy steps

☝ Opt-in for our subscription, and you will receive your first product in a reusable bottle. This will be your bottle for the next 6 months.

✌️ Every following month you’ll receive your product in a sachet bag. Simply pour the capsules into your bottle and you’re good to go!

👌 After 6 months, we’ll send you a new bottle to replace your old one. You can either recycle your old bottle or repurpose it in a number of cool ways.

Full Transparency

Manufacturing Transparency

We have the unique experience of owning our own cGMP, FDA-registered manufacturing facility. We have complete oversight of the entire manufacturing process, which enables us to accomplish our mission of delivering high quality products that meet your needs.

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Manufacturing Transparency

Label Transparency

Each and every one of our products is carefully formulated with the highest quality ingredients, at their clinically studied dosages. While our blends are proprietary, we still believe in full transparency. Every ingredient we add makes its way to the label, so you know exactly what's inside.

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Label Transparency

Quality transparency

Every single step of our manufacturing process must be performed at the highest quality cGMP and FDA standards. To ensure this, we have a number of Quality Checkpoints overseeing the quality of; the ingredients, the blending, the manufacturing process, the storage, and even the shipment of every single batch of Happy V products to your front door.

Quality transparency
Manufacturing Transparency Label Transparency Quality transparency
What The Experts Think

What The Experts Think

I see so many Menopausal and Peri-menopausal patients in my practice who suffer from a range of symptoms. What I like about this Happy V Menopause product is that it's an all-in-one natural solution that tackles most menopause-related symptoms in one daily serving.

I especially recommend this to my patients for hot flash reduction and weight regulation.


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Raechel (Chicago, US)
Good for energy

So far I am noticing a big difference in my energy level. I feel a lot better overall and I'm sleeping well. I will definitely keep these in my daily routine.

spk (Pinole, US)
This product helps.

I'm 49/perimenopausal - I hadn't been having hot flashes at all but mood swings, extreme breast tenderness that wouldn't go away, fatigue, brain fog and let's be honest ladies - general crabbiness at all times. I didn't really notice any benefits until the 2nd bottle - and I thought oh maybe my symptoms are gone and I can stop - then my symptoms came back after a week with no Happy V. So i ordered more and anxiously awaited its arrival. I'm sold.

Diane Wilson-Bolt (Wanaque, US)
Hot Flashes pretty much gone

So far it’s helped sone and I’m glad. I just wish something could help my energy and weight loss as I am still suffering from that issue since being menopausal.

Julie T. (Atlanta, US)
Highly Recommend

I tried a lot of things for hot flashes and night sweats and then a friend recommended this product and it really helped me with the symptoms. Recommend.

Becca (Los Angeles, US)
100% worth it!

I am a 41-year-old woman who is experiencing the worst menopause symptoms. I have tried everything you can imagine and nothing worked. Earlier this year, I heard about this Menopause Relief product and I'm feeling SO MUCH BETTER!!! It is 100% worth it!

Melissa Hearn (Pearl, US)
Loving this

I have been taking this product for 3 months now. My hot flashes have pretty much completely disappeared. My mood is good. I still struggle with bloating at times. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this product!

Erica Schreiner (Irving, US)

Menopause Relief

Ingrid Sleet (Indianapolis, US)

I have used this product for 5 days and I’m pleased so far.

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