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HMRlignan™ for controlling hormonal weight gain during pregnancy

The lignans in the Norway Spruce extract act like oestrogen, and positively influence the oestrogen balance in the body, which helps to control the severity and frequency of the symptoms of the menopause

Because Transparency Matters:

  • Source: Switzerland
  • Active Ingredient: (7 - Hydroxymatairesinol)
  • Found in: Picea abeis knots
  • What it does: Reduces occurrences of Night Sweats
  • Effective Dosage: 36mg
  • Manufaturer: Linnea

Norway Spruce found in

Menopause Relief

Supports mood, energy and weight. Minimizes hot flashes and night sweats.

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Menopause Relief

Benefits of Norway Spruce

Metabolic Syndrome

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