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Cuvitus® Cucumber for PMS Cramps
Because Transparency Matters:
  • Source:Taiwan, China
  • Active Ingredient:Cuvitus®
  • Found in:Cucumbers
  • What it does:Reduces TNF-alpha and interleukin 6 & 10 to reduce inflammation
  • Effective Dosage:300mg
  • Manufaturer:XSTO Solutions, LLC
Cucumber Extract found in


Gives you the relief you need during that time of the month.

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Benefits of Cucumber Extract

  • Reduced Cramping

  • Reduced Fatigue

  • Reduced Inflammation

Cuvitus® Cucumber for PMS Cramps

How Cucumber Extract Works

The active ingredients in Cuvitus Cucumber reduce TNF-alpha and interleukin 6 and 10. These are cytokines in the blood and markers of inflammation in the body. When these cytokines are reduced, inflammation is also reduced!

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Common Myth Busted:

On a positive note, most people recall images of cucumber slices on ladies eyes in refence to a health spa or beauty treatment. The history is correct in that there are anti-inflammatory Phyto actives (plant-based compounds) that reduce swelling (i.e. inflammation) around puffy eyes. The cucumber has been enjoyed for centuries not only as food but for health and beauty to reduce puffy eyes and swelling. So in the past we HAD strong anecdotal evidence and now with Cuvitus, we have strong scientific support showing the cucumber’s effect on swelling and inflammation.

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