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Happy V® Probiotic

Happy V® has chosen probiotic strains that are proven to work at specific dosages. The market is now selling the idea that more is better. That is not true. More effective probiotics are more expensive rather than cheap ineffective probiotics. Always see the studies of the Probiotics rather than caring about the amount. Check our studies here.

Probiotics should be taken constantly, whether it is with Happy V® or not. Probiotics have been shown to have an abundant amount of benefits.

Happy V® Probiotic can be taken with or without food.

The only allergen in Happy V® Probiotic is dairy because most Probiotics are made from a dairy source. However, the amount is so miniscule, it may be considered negligible. If you have a dairy allergy, please consult with your doctor or primary physician.

Yes, these products were made to be taken together.

Only 1 capsule is needed per day and it is safe to take an additional capsule if you feel it’s necessary.

The probiotics in Happy V® seek out glucose within the epithelium, a mucous in the vaginal wall, to create hydrogen peroxide and lactic acid, which is used in the fight against bad bacteria such as pathogens and anaerobes.

Lactic Acid producing probiotics have been shown to help with naturally restoring vaginal pH, creating an environment that pathogens, such as the anaerobes that cause Bacterial Vaginosis, cannot reproduce and live in.

Happy V® Probiotic Contains 6 probiotic strains that were chosen for their ability to product Lactic Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide, the natural defenses bacteria makes to ward off pathogens.

For best results take one capsule in the morning, with or without food.

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