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Black Pepper Extract has become a staple in most botanical formulas due to its ability to improve the bioavailability, or effectiveness and uptake, of certain botanicals. We chose Bioperine® from Sabinsa® because it is the only piperine sourced from black pepper than it has received a patent status. Consumers and brands alike know that this particular ingredient is a must-have in wellness products include ayurvedic botanicals like Ashwagandha.

Many Botanicals have been shown to have poor bioavailability. Piperine, the main compound found in black pepper extract has been shown to increase the uptake of botanical ingredients like Ashwagandha.

However, it's not all black pepper that does this. In fact, Bioperine<sup>®</sup> is the only clinically proven black pepper extracted which has been clinically demonstrated to increase bioavailability. It's important to look for Bioperine<sup>®</sup> when looking on the supplement panel.


Because Transparency Matters:

  • Source: India
  • Active Ingredient: Piperine 95%
  • Found in: Black Pepper
  • What it does: Enhances Ingredient Bioavailability
  • Effective Dosage: 5mg
  • Manufaturer: Sabinsa

Black Pepper Extract For Improved Ayurvedic Bioavailability found in

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Bioperine® is a heavily studied and clinically proven black pepper extract that improves the bioavailability and efficacy of other herbal ingredients. 

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