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Uclear is the only patented D-Mannose in the industry that is proven to help with UTIs. Following our core beliefs of using ingredients that have evidence of their efficacy, we knew that this was the right move for our Vaginal and UTI Probiotic.


D-mannose is a simple sugar that is showing promise in its ability to address the symptoms of urinary tract infections by removing the bacteria that cause this infection in the first place.


Because Transparency Matters:

  • Source: Inner Mongolia, China
  • Active Ingredient: Pure D-Mannose (99%)
  • Found in: Ground Coffee Beans, Cranberries & Other Foods
  • What it does: Binds to e. Coli & removes it from the urinary tract
  • Effective Dosage: 500mg
  • Manufacturer: KEB Biotechnology

The Role of D-Mannose

D-Mannose may play an integral part of ensuring that recurring urinary tract infections do not occur. 

D-Mannose found in

D-Mannose + Cranberry

Cranberry pills for UTI

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D-Mannose + Cranberry

Benefits of D-Mannose

  • Reduces recurrences of UTIs

    Studies suggest that D-Mannose may address the symptoms accompanied with urinary tract infections while reducing the chances of recurrences of UTI.

  • Improve Natural Defense Production

    As a prebiotic, D-mannose may supply to epithelium with glucose, giving probiotics the energy to produce lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and bacteriocins.

How UClear Works

Uclear D-Mannose has been found to attract E. Coli bacteria by binding with their pili, small finger-like parts of their anatomy that are responsible for binding to the urinary tract lining. By binding the D-Mannose instead, the bacteria is then excreted in the urine. 

But its benefits don't only stop there, as a simple sugar that can be synthesized into glucose and back into mannose, D-Mannose can provide the vaginal epithelium with glucose, making it a potential prebiotic.

Found in: D-Mannose + Cranberry

Synergistic Pairing

Uclear D-Mannose pairs perfectly with Pacran full spectrum cranberry Becaus together they both minimize E. colis ability to bind onto the the urinary tract lining and forces the bacteria to be exceted out via urina.


Why We Chose Uclear®

As a provider and manufacturer of dietary supplements that are meant to keep women feeling their best, we knew that we had to go with UClear once we recognized that te ingredient met our 3 essential requirements: Safety, efficacy and process.

D-Mannose + Cranberry

Uclear® in action

D-Mannose + Cranberry

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  • 1

    D-Mannose is a safe natural ingredient.

  • 2

    Clinical studies have proven the efficacy of D-Mannose in multiple studies.

  • 3

    KEB biotechnology produces UClear using Good manufacturing practices as set force in CFR 21 part 111.

Only clinically proven ingredients

Check out the 33722 studies on D-Mannose

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Want to really dive deep into what makes Uclear® so great? We’ve attached our supplier whitepapers, spec sheets and more so you can see the facts for yourself!

Common Myth Busted:

D-Mannose is said to produce kidney damage. That's not true, there is no scientific evidence that proves otherwise. In fact, in another condition known as carbohydrate-deficient glycoprotein syndrome type 1b, the slowing of the degradation of the type 1b protein has helped with liver function.


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Uclear<sup>®</sup> Pure D-Mannose is used in Happy V Cranberry Urinary Defense; a powerful combination of Pacran full spectrum cranberry, Profem Vaginal Probiotics and Uclear, that was crafted to address the symptoms accompanied by Urinary Tract Infections.

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