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You NEED. Don’t walk, run.

Saw an advertisement on TikTok and only regret not buying sooner. Also going to get the probiotic once I’m out of my current.

Lisa Gray (Kyle, US)
It seems to be working awesome!

I was skeptical about the whole eliminating body odor claim but, yesterday I forgot to put on deodorant and went out in the heat and by the end of the night I still didn't stink. I even asked my boyfriend to subtly smell my pits and he didn't smell anything!
the only downside is the fact that I'm extremely clumsy and I continuously stain my bed and everything else with dark green spots lol

Ashlee (Laurens, US)
Love this product

Could tell a difference within a week!

Amber Renteria (Gainesville, US)
Amber Renteria

I like it thank you

Jessica (Sparks, US)
So far great!

Honestly I was a little sceptical at first but in the first week this product has me feeling great! I have a sensitive stomach but this stuff doesn't give me a stomach ache at all. No bad after taste either!

Anonymous (Milwaukee, US)


Tiara (Seattle, US)
Pleasantly surprised.

Prone to getting BV, I’ve tried other female probiotics. And nothing seems to stay working. I found myself always relying on boric acid suppositories and that’s not fun. Happy V products have worked wonders for me! Subscribing for continued happy V, happy me.

Hannah P (Trumansburg, US)
Really Works

This really does help with smell and general wellness. Even my 8 year old doesn't mind the taste. You get used to it and the mint helps! I use a probiotic from another company as Happy V has too many CFUs but the chlorophyll absolutely is a game changer for vaginal health. Thank you.