BV Remedies With Ingredients that Over-Perform

Learn about our obsessively-researched nutrients. And why we chose them.

Profem® — Vaginal Probiotics

These Probiotics have been studied at great lengths and are one of the only strains of bacteria we felt confident in using, to provide you with non-specific vaginitis relief.

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Lactospore®️ — Bacillus Coagulans

This ingredient has living Bacteria that create hydrogen peroxide and lactic acid to treat BV and to maintain healthy gut bacteria.

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Pacran® — Cranberry Extract

The use of Cranberry pills for the treatment of BV, urinary tract infections and other vaginal health issues has been long studied and scientifically proven to be effective.

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Vitamin C — Ascorbic Acid

Vitamin C is a water-soluble essential vitamin.that is popular for its antioxidant and immunomodulation properties.

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Cannabidiol — CBD For PMS

Effective agent to treat inflammation and painful cramps during menstruation.

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Chasteberry — Chaste Berry Extract

The use of Chasteberry Extract for Premenstrual Cramps

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Cuvitus® — Cucumber Extract

Is becoming increasingly popular amongst athletes due to its anti-cramping benefits.

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BiAloe®️ — Aloe Vera powder

BiAloe is the world's best Aloe Vera extract that provides the highest amount of Immunomodulatory Aloe Poly Acetyl Mannans (That's a good thing).

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Chlorella Powder — green algae

A freshwater algae that is a bioavailable source of both Iron and Vitamin B12, and may have other benefits.

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Chlorophyllin — leaf extract

Chlorophyllin has been used to reduce body odors.

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