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Happy V® Prebiotic+

Happy V® Prebiotic+ should be taken in conjunction with Happy V® Probiotic. We encourage all to take these probiotics for as long as possible.

Happy V® Prebiotic+ can be taken with or without food

Happy V® Prebiotic+ does not contain any allergens.

Yes, all three products were designed to take in the same day.

One capsule is a full serving of the Nutrients you need; however, you are safe taking more if you feel it necessary.

Happy V® Prebiotic+ provides nutrients like Acemannan, a fiber and sugar found in Aloe Vera, to help feed probiotics the sugars and fibers it needs to create lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide.

Happy V® Prebiotic gives probiotics the nutrients they need to produce hydrogen peroxide and lactic acid, the natural defenses needed to maintain an optimal vaginal flora and thwart invaders such as the pathogens and anaerobes that cause bacterial vaginosis.

Happy V® Prebiotic+ contains Chlorella, Oregano, BiAloe® and Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin.

Take one capsule in the morning with or without food.

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