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Happy V® Immune Boost

Happy V® Immune boost should be taken for as long as possible due to its immunomodulation affects and its ability to flush our toxins, pathogens, harmful bacteria and anaerobes.

Happy V® Immune Boost can be taken with or without food.

Happy V® Immune boost does not contain any allergens.

Yes, all three products were designed to be taken all in the same day, safely.

One Capsule per day will give you the daily effective dosage needed. However, you can take more than one and be safe.

Happy V® Immune Boost works through its ability to inhibit bacteria adhesion to the vaginal wall. What this means is that bacteria will not be able to latch on the vaginal wall and cause an infection to begin and is essentially “flushed” out.

Happy V® Immune Boost does help with UTI’s through the mechanism of action of Cranberry and the immune boosting benefits of Vitamin C.

Happy V® Immune Boost contains 500mg of PaCran®, a patented cranberry blend, and 67mg of Vitamin C.

Take one capsule of Happy V® Immune Boost in the morning, with or without food.

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